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Get Followers the Smart Way: Interacting with People

First, do not try to get ghost followers! be aware that those Instagram “followers” will never like your pictures, will never buy your products, and one day will be banned from Instagram and you will lose them.

If you got to this page it’s because you are more serious about Instagram. You are either someone trying to brand his/her own name or a line of products. Maybe a startup?  What matters to you is this:

Converting Followers Into Customers

We offer to professionally manage your Instagram account and help you target the audience of your interest.

Real Instagram Follows


Here you are trying to grow on Instagram. One of the main techniques our team uses is following hundreds of people per day, we help you get real Instagram followers and likes. We target users that we believe will have affinity for your products. You can do this yourself, but it is time-consuming, Instagram allows to follow only 20 people per hour. We have automated this process to follow only when Instagram gives us a green light.

Buy Instagram Likes


Similar to the follow strategy, we like thousands of pictures of people in your area, which gives you tons of Instagram likes back and is something that you do not get if you were just to buy Instagram followers. This makes them to be naturally interested to check out your work, like back your pictures and sometimes follow you. You can like up top 300 posts per hour. We save you  time by doing this all day long for you.

Unfollow Instagram Followers


It is important to unfollow people that you interact with and seem not to be interested in following you. Pro tip: wait at least 2 or 3 days to unfollow after following someone. We keep track of who we have followed and unfollow people only when it is right to do so. The maximum number of people that you can follow on Instagram is 7500. We help you keep your account “lean”.

As a photographer I discovered that Instagram is a great tool to let my customers know about my work. At the beginning it was, however, very hard to get followers and even to get people to like my pictures. A friend of mine talked to me about Since Marketingram’s plans are reasonably priced I decided to give them a try without any expectations. I must confess I was surprised when I saw my account progressively gaining followers and people messaging me and inquiring about my services. Now I can focus on doing what is important for my business and let Marketingram help me manage my account. Thanks Marketingram!*

Lisa Harris

Photographer, LisArts

*Disclaimer: user experience varies on a case-by-case basis.

Average follows per day

We created this service because we also struggled to get real followers in our business. We now get to share it with people like you for a very reasonable price.

Our Strategy To Get Real Instagram Followers

We integrate our marketing knowledge together with your business needs to interact with your potential Instagram followers

How to Buy Instagram Followers

Our Team

We design a social media marketing strategy customized for your specific niche


You will let us know what are the main tags and location used by people you would like to follow your account


Our strategy will integrate software applications and a customized marketing plan to make sure you get real followers that can become potential customers


We will plan to unfollow those users that we interacted with and seemed not to be interested in your brand or products.


We will show you results from accounts we have managed. The results are incredible. You will have all the real followers in your field of interest that your business needs.

We show you the numbers

You will see your account have real growth from day 1



We invite you to interact with your followers. They are all real people potentially interested in your business.



As we interact with thousands of people, they all will have a chance to see your profile and like your posts.



We will not post for you. But we will give you recommendations, which combined with our strategy will improve your social media marketing.

Buy Instagram Followers

Disclaimer: The numbers shown are for two specific cases. Your actual account’s performance depends on various factors such as: the quality of your photos, the quality of the targetting, how often you post, etc.

Buy Instagram Followers

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