Frequently Asked Questions

What method do you use to get me real followers?

There is three ways that you can get followers:


1. You are already famous and people follow you

2. You fakely increase your numbers buying follower packs that end up hurting your account and ruin it

3. The method that we use: Marketingram’s 3-step method:



One of the main techniques our team uses is following hundreds of people per day, we help you get real Instagram followers and likes.

We target users that we believe will have affinity for your products. You can do this yourself, but it is time-consuming, Instagram allows to follow only 20 people per hour. We have automated this process to follow only when Instagram gives us a green light.



Similar to the follow strategy, we like thousands of pictures of people in your area, which gives you tons of Instagram likes back and is something that you do not get if you were just to buy Instagram followers.

This makes them to be naturally interested to check out your work, like back your pictures and sometimes follow you. You can like up top 300 posts per hour. We save you  time by doing this all day long for you.



It is important to unfollow people that you interact with and seem not to be interested in following you. We wait at least 2 or 3 days to unfollow after following someone. We keep track of who we have followed and unfollow people only when it is right to do so. 

The maximum number of people that you can follow on Instagram is 7500. We help you keep your account “lean”.


Remember: Keep realistic expectations!!  Following people is not ideal, and yes, your feed gets “dirty” and your friend’s posts will be lost in the stream of new followers posts. But this technique is the most effective one that people with large followings use. You cannot expect to be followed by many REAL people by hiring a magic service.

There is no magic in growing your account. Nobody has the secret sause. 

We tell you upfront what we do and why working with us is a matter of taken care of your social media while you spend your time on more valuable profit-generating tasks.

Do I need to give you my Instagram password?
Yes, any genuine service needs to connect to your account to give you real followers. Once you pay, you will be taken to an encrypted form in which you will insert your Instagram credentials.
Is it safe to share my Instagram password?
Remember that only you have access to the e-mail associated to that account. That´s the reason why sharing your password is not unsafe. You can do a password reset anytime and block our access
How many followers will I get per day?
While we give you exposure, we do NOT sell you followers. Following happens in a very natural way depending on the quality of your photos, how often you post, etc. We manage professional accounts that get 200+ followers per day. But also regular accounts with not very interesting content that only get 10-15 followers per day. It’s up to you.
Do you offer trials?
No,  we offer the best priced Instagram management service in the market. You can Google these services and click on every add. The lowest you fill find is ~ 20 USD per week WHEN you pay 5 weeks upfront. We offer you the same service for $6.99 per week, you cancel anytime. Not minimum payment upfront.

You could give us a try for a week and cancel if you’re not satisfied or our approach doesn’t fit your specific business.

When will I start seeing results?
Setting up our connection to your account takes up to 24 hours. Please be a little patient while we connect in a very safe way. We also need time to set up the strategy that is best for you
Can I change my password or username?
No. Only if you want to cancel your subscription.

Please NEVER change your Instagram password, unless you are forced to do it. This generates delays and under performance on your account´s management

Get the best priced Instagram management service in the US! Don't pay more for an equivalent service.


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