Instagram Story Dimensions: 2018 Ultimate Guide & Tips That Work

Instagram story dimensions currently are 1080 by 1920 pixels for both photo and video. This corresponds to an aspect ratio of 9:16. In the case of video stories, maximum duration is 15 seconds. Click now to get our way arounds if you do not have editors such as Photoshop.

Instagram Logo: A story of transparent goals and new world-changing ideas

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Instagram Unfollowers: why to avoid unfollower apps, and how to keep your Instagram account clean and growing

Instagram Unfollowers: why to avoid unfollower apps, and how to keep your Instagram account clean and growing Instagram is a very popular social media application which is bigger than just sharing pictures of your food on social media. Instagram can be used for a...

How to Get Thousands of Followers on Instagram

If the question is how to get thousands of followers on Instagram, you are for sure wondering if you should just go and buy 1000 followers. The answer is NO!!!, NO!, NO!, NO! Why Shouldn’t You Buy Followers On Instagram? Yes, we understand, you want to get thousands...

Should you buy real Instagram Followers?

People often question the need to buy real Instagram followers. For the typical Instagram user who just wants to interact with friends, having thousands of flowers is probably not a priority. But Instagram is a top social media for businesses who want to further their...

How to Buy Instagram Followers: The 3-step Technique Explained



How to buy Instagram followers? Let’s start by asking this question: is it worthy to buy Instagram followers? Buying thousands of fake followers is not, but buying real Instagram followers through marketing is an excellent idea. Basically, the secret formula to getting thousands of followers, which is what we do at Marketingram, can be summarized in three steps:


how to buy instagram followers guidelines



This is the MOST important step in the process of getting REAL Instagram followers. This step consists of following around one thousand people every to buy instagram followers step 1

Here’s the “secret” behind this strategy:


This is the secret on how to buy Instagram followers because it emulates real Instagram behavior and combined with great pictures will get you back many followers and likes every day. At Marketingram, for instance, we do it by targeting users that we believe will have affinity for someone’s products or profile.


But there’s no real magic to it, just putting lots of time and effort into it.


You can follow all the steps in this guide yourself, but it is very time-consuming. Instagram allows to follow limited amount of people each hour. We have automated these tasks so that people like you do not have to be on Instagram all day long just to get followers!




Analogous to step number 1, once you follow thousands of people, you start liking their pictures. Again, this is very time consuming but you always have the option of getting our well-priced service, or just do it yourself if you have the time to do it.

how to buy instagram followers step 2

But do not forget something very important…


Liking someone’s pictures once is not enough! You need to keep liking the same person’s pictures for days so that they know that you are genuinely interested in their content and they feel like checking your profile, liking your pictures and eventually: following you back. This is why when you ask yourself how to buy Instagram followers, you should better ask yourelf how to get yourself a space in people’s busy days  to make them feel they should follow you.


On top of that, it is also important to be consistent and also like people’s pictures after they have followed you back. This makes them to be naturally interested to keep following you and liking your pictures.

And remember this:

You can like up top 300 posts per hour. At Marketingram, we save you time by doing this all day long for you. But again, if you have time to do this all day, every day, we assure that you’ll get phenomenal results.



Now, this is a very important step for people who want to look interesting or that have business/branding purposes.

how to buy instagram followers step 3

Is it bad for my brand to unfollow my followers?


No, not really. As your brand grows, people understand that you are a mini “celebrity” and do not expect to be followed back by a profile with thousands of followers.


Keep the good pictures and content in your posts…. And your followers will stay.


Finally, here is a pro tip for you:

Try to wait at least 2 or 3 days to unfollow after you have followed someone. Not everyone checks their Instagram profiles every day. You need to wait until they see your follow and decide what they want to do. At Marketingram, we keep track of who we have followed and unfollow people only when it is right to do so. The maximum number of people that you can follow on Instagram is 7500. We keep your account lean and your name and brand looking desirable.


If you would like to try this technique and do not have the time to do it yourself, feel free to use our services for a week and cancel if you do not see results –which never happens!


Finally, if you think these simple things that most marketing agencies do and for which people pay thousands of dollars, are worth a share, please share this post with your friends!




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