Instagram Logo: the transparent story of  new world-changing ideas



The Instagram logo has changed in recent years:

from shapes, to colors, elements, and more.


But you are probably wondering:


what has been the marketing story behind these Instagram logo changes?


We have researched all the nitty-gritty details about these changes and will be sharing the most interesting and unimaginable stories behind each change:


Why a camera? Why changing the colors? Why rounding the corners? Why simplification over the original logo’s popular appeal?



Instagram is one of the most famous and used apps nowadays, reaching today more than 800 million active users per month, of which 500 million go online every day.

The popular social network allows you to upload pictures and videos, and easily edit them with vintage filters, frames, edit their color and add effects, all under a particular square format.


It gets better:

The word Instagram comes from the match of the words “telegram” and “instant”, which its young creators, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, considered that it perfectly described the function and objective of their new app, and also, it had an undeniable hook.

Only a couple years later, the already successful application was bought by nothing more and nothing less than Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, by the sum of a billion dollars.

Since then, Instagram has been growing exponentially, adapting to the needs of the modern world that evolves faster each day.

How has Instagram represented recent brand changes in the logo?



Instagram has updated not only the logo, but the way in which it operates. An example of these updates are the features of Instagram Stories, which resembles the social network Snapchat, with pictures and videos that last only 24 hours, it also has the function of transmitting live, or streaming.

And this is not all: Instagram has a private chat called Instagram Direct with more features than most users are aware of.


The change in Instagram stories has been brough in the way of a moving “live” circled logo to represent movement, stories, the “non static”.

Since its creation in 2010, this platform has been connecting friends and family that are near or far from you, share memories, promote your new business or advertise your brand, store, and even boost you as a professional.

We all have an Instagram account and we use the application on a daily basis: it’s very strange if someone hasn’t heard of it.

What we do not know is:


 Where did the logo come from?

The first Instagram Logo was inspired by one of the first cameras that existed: the Polaroid OneStep SX-70, many of you may recognize it from movies and TV series (or Netflix).

One of the peculiarities that makes Instagram stand out from other social networks is the square shape that it gives to the pictures, as a tribute to the Kodak Instamatic and the Polaroid camera, a format that contrasts with the classic 16:9 or 4:3 aspect relationship that phones have by default.

Instagram’s team decided to use this logo for its transparent purpose:


classic photography


and also to evoke the nostalgia of a bygone era and bring it to the modern world.



But here’s the Kicker behind the logo changes:


The iconic camera was the Instagram‘s first logo, but when they started to make the app commercial, Systrom and Krieger realized that they couldn’t use a logo that related directly to Polaroid, the brand of the camera in which the icon was inspired, due to copyright issues.


The needed to think of a new design urgently, and they came up with a new logo in less than an hour, in order to finally launch the application. This second logo is very similar to the icon with which many of us met Instagram.

The Instagram logo that shocked the most because of it drastic change in design was the 2016 version, when the social network team got rid of the original logo that suggested a retro style, to point towards a more contemporary interpretation.

The new look was accompanied by updates in the app’s interface, such as prioritizing the posts that might interest you the most, instead of displaying the feed chronologically.

The icon of Instagram was transformed from brown tones that woke up nostalgia with the resemblance to the Polaroid cameras, to a more minimalist one, of white lines, with a more vibrant and striking background, maintaining the gradient of colors.


This is crazy:


Instagram developers wanted this new multicolored logo to reflect in a more accurate way the stories that people told through this platform, which often became the nest of scandals for Hollywood stars. In the same way, the background color of Instagram changed from blue to white.

The designers from Instagram team claimed in the official application blog that they were “starting to feel that it did not reflect what the community is” and thought they could “improve it”.

By redesigning the Instagram logo, they didn’t just create it to give people something to talk about, or for freshness, affirmed the social network team, they did it to adjust to a more accurate expression or reflection of the modern community, tangled with the nostalgic past that so much distinguish the youth of the 21st century.

When the release of the new design was unveiled, it brought mixed opinions among Instagram users, many of them expressed general disgust over the new logo, but that conception remained in the past.


Instagram’s Logo Was Not the Only One To Change Drastically


Other Brands Also Went Crazy!


A big change is risky, but necessary.

This is not the first company that goes through a change of concept as drastic as this one. Successful companies such as Apple, Pepsi, PlayStation and Google have also taken a turn of concept and design in order to seek a reflection of what best represents what they want to offer to society, which is also constantly evolving.

Although the changes at the beginning could have a severe impact, the new design would eventually become popular, like the previous logo did, as happened in the case of Instagram and many others who dared to take this step.

After a short but shaken period in the business, Instagram has changed its logo according to market requirements a couple times.


The brand has improved its functions and options to optimize the experience of its users. Thanks to this evolution they have managed to become one of the most popular brands in the world.



Just look at all the logos Instagram has gone through!




Every brand and company can find in the history of Instagram a source of inspiration to dare to change from the hand of society. Its process of evolution led Instagram to become more than an application and a social network.


The rapid evolution of the Instagram logo is now a mirror of the world and of ourselves. It has even become a springboard for small and big companies, a tool to reach the right people if you know how to use it.

Want to know the best part?


Instagram marketing has become more and  more challenging as more brands realize the value of social media.

But you are not alone:

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