Instagram Unfollowers:

why to avoid unfollower apps, and how to keep your Instagram account clean and growing

Instagram is a very popular social media application which is bigger than just sharing pictures of your food on social media. Instagram can be used for a variety of purposes; starting a blog, promoting your products or becoming a social media influencer.

To have a successful Instagram account, you need to have a lot of followers and the number of accounts you follow should be lower.

The ratio between your followers and following should be great; more followers as opposed to your following.

However, sometimes this is pretty tough to achieve. Especially when you keep seeing your followers decrease and because of Instagram’s new policy; you cannot even use applications to find out exactly who unfollowed you!

Third party unfollower tracker apps are not supported by Instagram anymore. So how can know do you know who your Instagram unfollowers are and how do you keep your follower count from steadily decreasing?

Keep reading to find out all our tips and tricks to having a successful Instagram account. You will not have to worry about Instagram unfollowers anymore!


1. Clean your Account

Before you can go ahead and get more followers, you need to fully cleanse your Instagram account. This means you will have to unfollow anyone and everyone who is unnecessary. This is because your Instagram account’s follower count should be higher than the following count.

This gives people the illusion that you must be someone important that your account is so widely followed while you, yourself follow no one.

So Marketingram brings you an easy solution. Our in-house system accesses your following lists and gradually, very slowly starts to unfollow people. Pretty soon, your following count will be lowered and your followers count will be much more.

Our team does this very slowly so there is not a huge and immediate change in the number of accounts you follow since this might alert Instagram about weird activity on your account and they might block your account which is not something we would want!

Once your account is clean from accounts which you need not have been following, you can start with the service that will help you increase your follower count.

2. Unfollow others but do not get unfollowed yourself

The next thing we have to talk about is how you run the risk of losing followers if you start unfollowing people as well. A lot of times when you unfollow an account, they retaliate by unfollowing you as well if they found out it was you who unfollowed them. This is always a big risk with Instagram unfollowers; people will unfollow you right back.

But with Marketingram, you do minimize this risk so much so that it is next to nothing. Our marketing strategy ensures that you can unfollow people without accumulating Instagram unfollowers for yourself since that would be counterproductive; the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

So Marketingram uses complex algorithms and techniques which calculate the number of people you unfollow, the gap between each unfollow and the frequency of unfollows. This is all devised in a way so that your follower count is not affected and you do not get dozens of Instagram unfollows yourself, in retaliation to your initial unfollow.

Our system itself uses algorithms and what not to determine who to unfollow and when, unfollowing people manually may have unsavory consequences.

Let us assume that you are manually unfollowing accounts and there is really, no method to your madness and you unfollow all the account that you think are redundant and do not deserve a follow from you.

The amount of unusually unfollow activity your account generates will alert Instagram that there is something wrong with your account.

Alerts will cause concern since they might assume that you are a bot or your account’s safety has been compromised. This will lead to Instagram blocking your account for some time; retrieving the account is another pain. Or if the action is even stricter; you will end up losing access to your account forever!

Having your account blocked or in the eyes of Instagram itself can be damaging to your accounts reputation and can have negative consequences for your Instagram image! It is better to safe than sorry.

Attempting to unfollow multitudes of people on your own is never recommended because of the negative consequences it can have on your account.

3. Using run-of-the-mill apps


Lately Instagram has become very strict with their policies. They do not let third party applications access user accounts anymore even with the user’s permission to do so. There were a lot of apps which tracked your unfollowers for you but now they have all become redundant due to Instagram’s new and stricter policy.

There are certain apps which can still get around these strict rules but Instagram still keeps a tab on their activities. These apps are usually monitored by Instagram to see if any untoward practices are taking place because of these applications.

Because a lot of people use the same applications to track followers and Instagram unfollower activity, so there is a bigger chance that Instagram will recognize this because they will monitor the similar activity pattern on various accounts and in the end, all the accounts which used those applications and had the similar pattern of activity will be banned from the social media platform.

Do not use shady applications which promise to keep track of your Instagram unfollowers and promise to automatically unfollow them for you as well. A lot of these times, these apps have access to your account and can cause severe damage.

The users of certain Instagram unfollowers tracker application reported that the app was automatically following people on their behalf. And these might just be the people who pay to purchase followers. Which means your account had been compromised!


4. How to keep your Instagram account growing

Once you have unfollowed a healthy number of people on Instagram so that you do not follow any unnecessary accounts, you now need to focus on your Instagram followers. You need your Instagram followers to keep increasing as time goes on.

There are a few tricks you can use to increase your followers organically.

One of the ways to get a lot of follower is to post every single day. Instagram is a visual medium with people uploaded thousands of images to the application every single minute. And with the new algorithm for the Instagram user newsfeed, there is no way to know if your followers will come across ever picture or video that you post.

Before the algorithm was released, the Instagram user newsfeed used to be chronological. So you were bound to get views on your images or videos if you posted them at a time when most users were online.

But this new newsfeed update is a little hard to figure out; the post you make today could appear on someone’s newsfeed 5 days later. There is no way to know when it will be displayed. Hence, you need to post daily in order to increase chances of your posts appearing on the maximum number of newsfeeds as possible.

The other thing which you can do to attract followers is to use the appropriate hashtags. Usually there are certain hashtags which are trending on social media or are in popular use.

You need to figure out which hashtag is most appropriate to the kind of account you have and use them so that whenever someone searches for a particular hashtag which is of their interest, then they can come across your profile and follow your account, if it indeed does match with their interest.

Other than that, if you have an account through which you are promoting a brand, you can run competitions on your profile. The competition can have rules which require participants to follow your Instagram account to be eligible for entry into the competition.

This way you will see a definite spike in your followers. Another rule can ask people to tag a few friends as well so that those people might also participate in the competition and hence follow your account as well!

If you follow the advice mentioned in this guide as to how you can maintain a solid presence on Instagram and be considered as ‘THE’ Instagram account to follow, you will see a gradual increase in your Instagram account’s performance.

The ratio of your followers against your unfollowers will also be pleasing. Creating the image to other users that your account is not only selective but followed by multitudes; and they will know that there has to be a solid reason why so many people follow your Instagram account.

No one likes Instagram unfollowers and with these methods, you will not have to put up with them anymore. Instead, Marketingram will take care of them without you having to worry about it at all!

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