Terms and Conditions

By purchasing any of the products offered by Marketingram.com, you agree you have read the following statements and agree that OTG Enterprises LLC, the parent company of the Marketingram brand, will not be responsible for anything that can happen to your account. We are not responsible for actions taken against your account either by Instagram or any user of the social network. 

On our side, we will strive to protect your information with our SSL secure website and will do our best to have interactions that do not pose any risk to your account.


Instagram Account Disclosure

Our team will be interacting with hundreds of people on a daily basis, liking their pictures, and following them in order to grow your account. It is beyond our means to control whether Instagram will classify such interactions as real or not.

There is always a chance that your account can be frozen for some minutes or even that it can get suspended by the Instagram team. While we have never experienced such scenario, it is our responsibility to warn our users that Social Network companies can anytime take actions over your account that go beyond our means. Therefore, by purchasing our services, you agree that OTG Enterprises LLC, the parent company of the Marketingram brand, will not be responsible for anything that can happen with your account. It is our responsibility to let you be aware of any possible scenario, but please know that it is real people in our team striving to grow your account with the highest ethical standards.


Purchase Policy


At Marketingram we are open about what we do. Therefore, we want you to keep the following things in mind before you place your order:


  • Once you pay, you agree to be taken to an encrypted form in which you will insert your Instagram credentials. Failure to do so will result in termination of your subscription without any rights to refunds.


  • You agree to share your Instagram account password. Remember that only you have access to the email associated to that account. Sharing your password is not unsafe. You can do a password reset anytime and block our access.  You have the right to not disclose this information after purchase, but we will not return your money. All purchases are final.


  • You understand that you are not buying certain number of followers. While we give you exposure, we do NOT sell you followers. Following happens in a very natural way depending on the quality of your photos, how often you post, etc.


  • You agree to wait until we complete your connection and you.  While setting up our connection to your account takes approximately  24 hours, you confirm that you understand that the time to connect an account varies and we do not have control over such time. 


  • You agree to NEVER change your Instagram password. You confirm that a violation of this policy will generate termination of your subscription without eligibility to refunds.

  • You agree to keep a corteous, respectful realtionship with Marketingram.com representatives regardless of your expectations. We will always be VERY respectful to you.

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